This Full-day Workshop Will Emphasize On Malaysia Halal Certification And How To Manage It.

Suitable For Halal Executive, QA Team & Company Owner


Workshop Overview

Since 1980s, Malaysia was pioneer in establishing Halal laws and remains a force in matters relating to Halal Certification globally.

Malaysia Halal logo is seen as a sign of trustworthiness by Muslims. In addition, Malaysia Halal Certification may even be required for the export of food to certain Muslim countries.

To be certified as one of the Halal industry player may seems easy to some of us that well worth with the requirement, but to maintained it is not as easy as you think.

This course will briefly describe you on these item:-

There will be 4 section on this course, namely:-

Who shall attend?

This Workshop is dedicated to Halal personnel who are involved either direct or indirect to manage and control Halal in their respective industry

It can be either you are Halal Executive, Quality Personnel, company owner and Halal Entrepreneur.

Module Overview

Course Introduction and Ice-breaking on Digitalization Halal Certification Management.

This module will briefly focus on the level of understanding of the participant to the Halal at their workplace, also background checking (either Halal Executive, QA Team, Entrepreneur, etc). This will provide indication to the trainer on the focus of the course. The role that the trainer shall play along the course.

Introduction to Halal

To be Halal Certified or as Halal Certification holder, basic Halal knowledge is compulsory. In addition, in order to get attention of the entrepreneur, they need to know the reason why need to have Halal Certification for the business.

Malaysia Halal Certification Reference

Malaysia Halal Certification is a worldwide recognized certification for Halal industry. In order to ensure the certification is on the line, all Halal Certification holders shall aware with the latest Halal reference.

Halal Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintaining Halal Certification is very crucial in Halal Certification pipeline. It is to ensure that Halal premises, products, ingredients are well maintained and not contaminated to non-Halal sources. In addition, the renewal process of Halal Certification is much more easier if the Halal is well maintained.

Halal Software

Not all Halal Personnel capable to do the Halal implementation in better way especially for micro industry. Halal Software is one of the tools that can be used in order to make Halal personnel easier to maintain and monitor the Halal Certification.

All data can be recorded in the system and stored in cloud. So it is much more easier where it can be access via Computer or Phone Application at anywhere and anytime. In addition, the software have the function where it will reminds the task that have been set.

So Halal Personnel wont missed out any crucial dateline especially the expiry date of Halal Ingredient Certification as well as Halal renewal.





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