This 2 days workshop will emphasize on Good Manufacturing Practices and how to manage it.

Suitable for Managers, executives, internal auditor, document controller, GMP team, QA team, QC team.


Workshop Overview

International food trade and foreign travel are increasing, bringing important social and economic benefits. But this also makes the spread of illness around the world easier. Eating habits too, have undergone major change in many countries and new food production, preparation and distribution techniques have developed to reflect these. Effective hygiene control, therefore, is vital to avoid the adverse human health and economic consequences of foodborne illness, foodborne injury, and food spoilage. Everyone, including farmers and growers, manufacturers and processors, food handlers and consumers, has a responsibility to assure that food is safe and suitable for consumption.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a set of regulations, codes, and guidelines that control the operational conditions within a food establishment allowing for the production of safe food. GMP should be used in conjunction with each specific code of hygienic practice and the guidelines on microbiological criteria, where appropriate. The standard follows the food chain from incoming materials through to the customers, highlighting the key hygiene controls at each stage.

This course will briefly describe you on these item:-

There will be 3 section on this course, namely:-

Who shall attend?

This workshop is dedicated to GMP personnel who are involved either direct or indirect to manage and control Halal in their respective industry.

It can be either you are Quality Personnel, Entrepreneurs, Internal auditors or document controller.

Module Overview

Course Introduction and Ice-breaking on Good Manufacturing Practices

This module will briefly focus on the level of understanding of the participant to the GMP at their workplace, also background checking (either QA Team, GMP Team, Entrepreneur, etc). This will provide indication to the trainer on the focus of the course. The role that the trainer shall play along the course.

Introduction to GMP

To be GMP Certified or as GMP Certification holder, Basic GMP knowledge is compulsory. They need to know what is the purpose of getting the GMP certification.

Understanding how GMP assists the food industry

In order to ensure the implementation of GMP, participants need to know the GMP scopes covered in food industry. They also need to know the reason of having GMP certification for the business.

Defining the MS 1514:2009 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Food

MS 1514:2009 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Food is the Malaysian Standard that have been issued out by government as the guideline in implementing GMP. Monitoring & Maintaining GMP Certification is very crucial in GMP Certification pipeline. It is to ensure that the premises and production are well maintained and not contaminated to any potential hazard.

- Element 4 – Design and Facilities

- Element 5 – Control of operation

- Element 6 – Maintenance, cleaning & sanitization

- Element 7 – Personal hygiene

- Element 8 – Transportation & distribution

- Element 9 – Product information

- Element 10 – Training

- Element 11 – Internal Inspection

- Element 12 – Management Review

- Element 13 - Legal Requirements



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