This Coaching Session Will Emphasize On Malaysia Halal Certification Application & Management

Suitable for any related company that need guidance on New & Renewal Application Halal Certification.


Gaining the trust of customers is integral to the success of any business. Users will have more confidence if the product is certified by authorities, especially the government. The added value is a guarantee for consumers that the products are of high quality.

Halal certification can become a customer guarantee. They have found that the halal certification is valuable and benefits them greatly. The halal certification is related to Halalan Thoyyiban, which goes beyond an absence of pork and alcohol, and covers other aspects such as slaughtering, cleanliness and safety.

Since the halal certification by Jakim is well known worldwide, it will be easily accepted by all countries. According to a study in 2015, Islam has 1.8 billion adherents around the world with a market spending estimate of about US$2,300 billion and the number grows by six per cent every year.

It shows that the international market is vast and sales will likewise increase. Besides that, halal certification is significant in businesses as it can be a marketing tool to gain trust from customers. A wise entrepreneur will choose to be halal certified.

This Program Will Covered You On These Item:-

Who shall attend?

This workshop is dedicated to industry that applicable to apply JAKIM Halal Certification:


The program will be run intensively within 3 months after receiving the agreement. The commitment on both side to ensure the program is running smoothly are very crucial.




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